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Enhance Your Riding Position - With the Help of AI!

In the first two parts of our seat school, we discussed theoretical tips and considerations for improving your riding position. We also covered how your position affects the horse and why we should work on it. In the second part, we demonstrated some common mistakes and how you should sit in the saddle.

In this third part, we will focus on how you can monitor and train your position.

We recommend Ridesum, which has a new feature called AI Seat Analytics. This analysis service allows you to analyze your seat by filming your riding.

Here’s what they say about the analysis: "Our advanced AI technology analyzes your seat and provides valuable feedback to help you become a better rider. Become aware of potential areas for improvement, detect asymmetry or imbalance, and track your progress!"

Analyze your seat and discover which parts you can improve, access exercises specifically for your areas of improvement, and see how you progress.


Try out the new “ AI Seat Analytics ” for only 79 SEK during the first 2 months when you subscribe to Ridesum's monthly package (includes 16 analyses per month) using the discount code: ZACZESS. Regular price is 199 SEK. Offer valid until July 31, 2024.


Click here on your mobile device to start your subscription


INo binding period, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Do you have questions about the service or subscription? Contact Ridesum here

"With Ridesum, you can gather everything related to your horse in one place. We offer you the ultimate app – designed by equestrians, for equestrians. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced rider, Ridesum helps you improve your training program, track your progress, and work towards your specific goals.!


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Isn't the app right for you at the moment? Still, it's a good idea to film your riding. Choose three different exercises/moments and a filming angle. Set up your phone or have someone else film, then sit down and analyze the footage. What do you see? Which parts of your seat are good, and which parts could be improved?


Save these videos and work on your seat both mounted and dismounted to improve your position and balance.

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