Syskonparet bakom ZacZess

Julia and Linn are the sibling duo behind ZacZess. We've spent our entire childhood in the stable, which has shaped us into the individuals we are today. We believe it's time for you to get to know the faces behind ZacZess more deeply, and we have a wish for more people to dare to believe in their dreams and take a leap of faith! We had a dream with clear goals, and the journey has only just begun. We want to thank all of you who support ZacZess and those who want to be part of our community. It's you who make our job the best job in the world.

Without you, there is no us! 🖤


ZacZess - The Story

ZacZess is an equestrian brand based in Sweden. We're an innovative equestrian brand actively working to find new solutions and features to make the rider's everyday life easier. Behind every rider around the world lies hard work and a great passion. Many long hours in the stable are required, and we aim to provide you with the conditions for a pleasant and practical stay.

Comfortable riding gear is a given for us, and it's equally important that the equipment maintains the highest quality to endure long hours both in the stable and in the saddle. Riding apparel with high comfort and smart features combined with stylish design has been our top priority when designing our products. With a deep-rooted passion for horses since childhood, we know what we've always wanted – the next generation of riding apparel. Welcome to ZacZess!