ZacZess arbetar med hållbarhet!

Social Sustainability

Within the equestrian community, we are fortunate to compete and engage in our sport on equal terms. We are pleased with the current state of equestrianism, but unfortunately, this is not the case worldwide. Therefore, we strive to combat poverty through sustainable entrepreneurship, ensuring equal opportunities for men and women.

ZacZess Supports Women in Poor Countries

Hand in Hand's vision is a world without poverty. Through education in entrepreneurship, vocational training, and access to microloans, Hand in Hand primarily assists women in starting their own businesses. ZacZess has helped 10 women establish their own enterprises, enabling them to improve their livelihoods and those of their families. Hand in Hand's unique self-help approach ensures lasting results, benefiting individuals, families, and society at large.

Learn more about Hand in Hand's work here.


To minimize our environmental impact, we aim to avoid air transport whenever possible. Instead, we prioritize shipping our products by train from our suppliers. Train transport significantly reduces CO2 emissions per kilogram shipped compared to air freight, which results in approximately 30 times higher emissions.


We are committed to ensuring that no clothing goes unused, as unused clothes are detrimental to the climate. Therefore, we donate all clean and intact clothing that is unsuitable for sale to organizations that distribute clothing to impoverished communities in Africa. As part of the clothing production cycle, we believe it is crucial to responsibly reuse everything that can be reused.

Do you have a ZacZess product at home that you no longer use? Sell it or give it to someone who will use it. By doing so, you'll make someone happy while extending the product's lifespan.


We can help reduce plastic consumption by using climate-neutral shipping bags. At ZacZess, we use 100% climate-neutral shipping packaging to contribute to reducing plastic use worldwide. Every package makes a difference!